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We help businesses and startups to advertise their services and products in a well-targeted and engaging video format. Throughout a well-developed workflow, we can create a strategy together, understanding your specific needs, to achieve your desired business goals.


Software as a service businesses are our main clients. We understand your main growth point and are willing to help you produce a promo for your amazing solution. Beyond that we can produce tutorials and tailored social media ads.


If you are looking for a well rounded 2D video that can help you achieve your business needs, stop looking further. 2D videos are our main specialization and we satisfied dozens of clients with colorful and easy to understand videos.


If you need an amazing 3D video that can help you achieve your business needs, stop looking further. We have a team of professionals that specialize in creating


If you need a live action video, we are a team that can make the next Dollar Shave Club video for your business. We will propose to you several budget/execution options and after that we are free to start shooting for your brand.


Video is a 24/7 non-stop, full year working asset, that will speak before you verbally approach anyone. Most businesses usually underestimate the power of a well-made video. Often, there are 2 minutes between you and your desired client or investor.

In this two-minute video, your potential is maximized, and you are heard in this noisy world. We are supplying our clients with razor sharp video products that provide value and will magnetize lead generation to your company. We are and work for fearless companies, companies that aren't afraid of investment to create a better future and make their brand iconic.

We are Value Productions, and we create for you to inspire your tarder audience.

Primary Services

SaaS videos

Need a dynamic promo for your SaaS that you can use in ads or put on ProductHunt? We distill your business essence and deliver it in an engaging video format.

Explainer videos

We will approach your explainer video from a “beginner’s perspective”, while explaining complex ideas and keeping things simple, easy to understand, and fun to watch.

Value-focused videos

We will create values-focused videos that you can use in your investor pitch, website or crowdfunding campaign. We helped dozens of clients to raise millions for their startups.

Your future partner in video marketing strategy

Before we start working on a video project, we run a strategy and creative session. In these 2 sessions, hand in hand with our client, we dive into your business's core values, goals, and beliefs. Plus, we define an image of your target audience.

This helps us at a deep level understand what we should say and how we should say it. This approach maximizes the effectiveness of video marketing campaigns + saves a lot of marketing budget on ads by delivering better performance and $ to action ratio. So adding strategy and creative sessions to our contract will help you save your marketing budget in a year-long period.

Our Cases

Feedback from our clients.

Peter completed a suite of videos for my new business which introduced my business in a dynamic way. At the start of the project, they provided me a project timeline and budget, split by each line item so I knew exactly where costs were allocated. Even though we had different time zones he was able to wake up early in his location so that we could speak at the end of my workday. I would recommend Peter and the team at Value Productions.

- Amy Farrington, Founder at Project A Consulting


"Peter and his team are amazing. They are thoughtful, precise, and timely with their work. What I appreciated most from them is their openness to providing and receiving feedback. It was a pleasure to work with Peter and his crew. They are good people."

- Jason Patel, Founder of Transizion


"I had a vision for the product demo video and only a specs documents to communciate this vision with the team. They absolutley nailed it. I got exactly what I wanted, on time, within my budget and it was classy and better than what I envisioned. This is my team for all my video work going forward. Thank you!"

- Marta Skky, E-commerce Project Manager


"Great to work with Peter and his team. Very responsive. Will be hiring again."

- Scott Alan Turner, The Financial Rock Star


"Value Productions and Peter did an outstanding job with our project! They have a super creative, organized and proactive team. They delivered us professional videos that surpassed our initial expectations and every time we found a little issue with them they came with a great solution. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a creative and digital media production agency. Their understanding between the creative and the business world qualifies them for big challenges."

- Julio Montes Digital Marketing en Lodgify


"Peter ´s company delivered for us a high quality videos as per our brief. They were always hardworking with very proactive approach. They helped us to overcome our problem with very creative solutions. I highly recommend Peter and his team!"

- Petra Bláhová Paid Performance Manager at Lodgify


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